Sport & Performance Psychology

Peace of Mind. Power in Performance.

Are emotional and psychological concerns keeping you from performing your best? Are struggles in your athletic, and other areas of, performance starting to cause and/or worsen emotional and psychological issues? Everyone has times in which they’d like to perform their best, in and out of athletics. At Lūsus Sport & Performance Psychology, we’ll work with all aspects of yourself; both the person and the performer. We integrate these in a way that is authentic and fulfilling to you.

Have questions about sport & performance psychology? Check out our FAQ page!

Also, in addition to sport & performance psychology, sus also provides clinical psychology services.

I seek to build and continually nurture a connection with my clients, and identify your sources of strength and challenge, as well as potential areas of growth. I also encourage us to “come up for air” during therapy sessions through pacing, humor, and celebration of successes. And above all, your feeling of safety and control are paramount in session.

I am a clinical and sport psychologist and have been working in both the mental health & performance enhancement fields since 2016. I am a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, which I earned in settings ranging from youth sports to Division I athletics, and team sports to individual sports.

For individual sessions, the fee is $150-200 for a 50-minute session. Insurance reimbursement is not available for those who only engage in sport and performance psychology services.

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