Loquacious Lūsus is a podcast dedicated to discussing sport through a sport psychology lens. Hosted by Dr. Javan Jean-Noel, the Loquacious Lūsus Podcast will help increase even the casual sport fan’s knowledge of sport psychology and their awareness of how it intersects with all aspects of sport. If you are interested in becoming a potential guest on the show, or are interesting in Dr. Javan Jean-Noel being a guest on your podcast, or other media platform, please use this contact page.

Episode 6 ft. Anthony Tucci • 05/07/2018

Anthony Tucci is back in the podcast studio/dining room to talk about how Shaq provided Kobe with an unusual source of motivation (18:15), Michael Phelps’ quest to improve the mental health support of athletes post-Olympics (25:50), the NBA’s alkaline water obsession (34:11), and leadership in sports (59:13). Also, we run through a revamped Twitter Fingers segment (01:02:47).

Episode 5 ft. Anthony Tucci & Bryanna Bruger07/13/2017
Anthony Tucci and Bryanna Bruger both join in the studio. We talk about the concept of “flexible optimism” (4:04), how an athlete integrating with a new team on short notice (20:23), the Kyrie Irving trade (26:25), Joey Julius’s struggle with eating disorders (44:54), and much more!

Episode 4 ft. Sam Browne 08/10/2017
Sam Browne stops by the podcast to talk about what sport psychology means to her (5:32), her experience of trying to “sport psych” herself when asked to play in a WPSL match (9:43), concussions (18:11), the debut of the segment Twitter Fingers (34:35), and much more!

Episode 3 ft. Bryanna Bruger07/13/2017
Bryanna Bruger joins the show to talk concussions (13:45), Brandon Marshall’s article about mental health stigma (23:35), and much more!

Episode 2 ft. Anthony Tucci • 05/12/2017
In this episode, Javan gets passionate about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we talk about the pros and cons of technological advances in sport training, and much more.

Episode 1 ft. Anthony Tucci11/23/2016
In the first episode of the Loquacious Lūsus Podcast, we are joined by Anthony Tucci to discuss concussions, substance abuse in collegiate sports, and much more.

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